After a Masters Degree in Mathematics, a degree in Psychology and studying Chinese, Alain Mazars, born in Paris in 1955, went as a volunteer teacher to the People 's Republic of China in 1978-1979. He directed fiction movies there (BEYOND THE MEMORY, LOST SPRING, MY CHINESE SISTER, HALF OF THE SKY) as well as several experimental films (MEMORIES OF SPRING IN LIAO NING, THE GARDEN OF THE AGES) and documentary films (LHASSA, THE PAVILION OF PEONIES, CHINA AND REALITY). As a film-maker and member of « LA CASA DE VELAZQUEZ » (The House of Velazquez) in Madrid, from 1984 to 1986, he shot medium-lenght films in that country (ACTUS, RODAMORFOSIS). He received the "Georges Wildenstein » award in 1986, the "Leonard da Vinci » award in 1989" and the "Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs » award in 1994, from the French Department of Foreign Affairs . He was part of the film-making department at the FEMIS, the prestigious French school of cinema. He is one of the founding members of the A.C.I.D (agency for the distribution of independent movies). Since 2002, he 's been directing movies mainly in South-East Asia, Laos (PHIPOP, LIFELINES) and Burma (THE SCHOOL OF THE FOREST, ON THE ROAD TO MANDALAY, BURMESE DAYS, A WORLD FAR AWAY) in particular. He also makes documentary films on Cinema (THE STRANGE CASE OF ATOM EGOYAN, TOD BROWNING, DOUGLAS SIRK).

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